Amstrad MD-119 HD PVR

Amstrad MD-119 HD PVR
Amstrad MD-119 HD PVR
Производител : Amstrad
Код на продукта : MD-119 HD PVR
Наличност : В наличност
Цена : 45,00 лв.
Количество :     - или -   Добави в Желани
Добави за Сравнение

• Capable to record 4000 channels 
• Self-protecting flash memory against false software installation 
• Complies perfectly with central systems 
• User friendly, simple and convenient menu design 
• Multi-language support 
• Subtitle support 
• Teletext support 
• DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 & USALS 
• True color OSD 
• EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that displays the channel info 
• Advanced lock systems: System, Installation, Settings and Channel Sort locks 
• Advanced PID editing 
• Channel List editing 
• Favorites list editing 
• Satellite/TP editing 
• Multiple language menu choice 
• Easy satellite installation interface 
• Various display ratios (4:3 and 16:9) 
• Memory protection against power cutoffs 
• Signal level display for easy antenna installation 
• Capable to receive multiple language broadcasts if supported by the satellite and the channel 
• Favorites list editing 
• Extensive Satellite Search Function (Capable to locate all frequencies found in the satellite and add automatically to the list using network search) 
• 2 USB input 
• 1 HDMI input 
• Capable to record into the external USB memory connected to the USB interface. (PVR) 
• Capable to play picture (jpeg), music (mp3), movie (mkv) files recorded in the external USB Memory.

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